What you need to know about ordering your in-flight meal? always order the stew



In-flight meal: If you need one master decision for ordering your in-flight meal, it’s this: always order the stew, says Fritz Gross, director of culinary excellence at LSG Sky Chefs Asia Pacific to CNN.

Is stew not available? go for fried rice and fatty fish.

Chicken breast, Pasta, noodles, or any other deep-fried food does not work well in the difficult conditions on the airplane. Pasta can be not a good choice as it needs to be al dente to be tasteful. Also, the amount of sauce used needs to be balanced, for it not to be too wet or dry.

Stew is the one food that always keeps up the difficulties of air catering and still manages to be tasty. “It can boil gently and reheat it over and over, and it will always be a stew,” says Gross.

Some food like deep-fried products and chicken breast do not reheat well in the small, flight size casserole dishes.
Vegetables can keep their texture if it is done right.



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