Marius Necht raises $ 12 million for DayTwo from Johnson & Johnson

DayTwo's technology based on a machine learning algorithm that allows predicting the blood glucose response after a meal.



DayTwo has completed a $ 12 million financing round from Johnson & Johnson and Marius Nacht, who founded the company and increased its investment in it.
Also participating in the round was the Mayo Clinic, the French fund, Seventh Partners, which specializes in investments in intestinal bacteria, and other private investors. This is DayTwo’s first round (Series A), which together with previous investments has so far invested a total of $17 million.

DayTwo provides its clients with customized nutritional recommendations based on the mapping and analysis of the microbiome composition to allow each person to maintain balanced levels of blood sugar and thus maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Billionaire Marius Nacht Bets Big Money on Israeli Bio-Med

DayTwo’s technology based on groundbreaking research, the first of its kind in the world, conducted by Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute, who discovered that same food types can cause different blood sugar reactions in different people. And that the composition of the intestinal bacteria, which is unique to each individual, contributes to a different response.
The study found, among other things, that food that leads to a balanced sugar reaction in one person may give rise to an increase in sugar levels relative to another. Foods that we perceive as healthy are in some cases not recommended and vice versa.

Marius Nacht, who founded the company, together with Yuval Segal (chairman) and Lihi Segal (CEO), took part in a study by the Weizmann Institute after Dov Moran recommended it, and discovered that he was pre-diabetic.

Israeli Startup DayTwo Uses Poop to Provide Personalized Nutrition

According to Nacht: “The results surprised me a lot since as a manager I undergo comprehensive tests on a regular basis and all missed the development of diabetes that I managed to block in time with a change nutritive. It led me to understand the importance of making breakthrough technology accessible to the general public for the purpose of improving health, both directly and through health and insurance companies that can offer the service to their patients. ”

DayTwo’s technology based on a machine learning algorithm that allows predicting the blood glucose response after a meal. The personalized nutritional recommendations for each user obtained through a smartphone application and a computer through which the user can find out about the foods recommended for him, and also allows the user to assemble meals and receive a personal score for them. The company recently launched an affiliate program that allows dietitians, nutritionists, and personalized nutrition clinics to benefit from breakthrough technology and provide a personalized Microbiome-based service to their customers.

The capital investment will help the company continue to expand and recruit talent for product development teams that deal with Big Data, Predictive Modeling, and Machine learning. Also, the investment will be used to develop the commercial infrastructure in Israel and the US, as well as further research with the Weizmann Institute and Mayo Clinic.

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