Russia warns US after downing of Syrian jet


Russian Foreign Ministry says the US attack against a Syrian Air Force jet, west of the Euphrates River, on Sunday, is an act of aggression and assistance to terrorists.

Sergey Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister told the media, “This strike can be regarded as another act of defiance of international law by the United States,” Ryabkov said in reply to a question from TASS.

“What was it if not an act of aggression? It was also an act of assistance to those terrorists whom the United States is ostensibly fighting against.”

The Russian defense ministry says in a statement that after it dropped bombs nears US partner forces, starting Monday, “it will track all jets and drones of the US-led coalition west of the Euphrates and treat them as targets.”

The ministry also called on the US military to provide a full account of why it decided to shoot down the Syrian SU-22, AP reports.

AP, TASS contributed to this report



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