Nazi-decorated bed linen consternates buyer


Grank with the offending bedding - Nazi-holocaust


An Israeli woman was surprised to discover that the sheets she purchased from a local vendor were decorated in part with Nazi imagery and an image of Adolph Hitler. The seller is refusing to let her return them.

Before Passover, Miri Grank of Migdal HaEmek allegedly purchased the sheet set for NIS 60 ($15.7) at a stall in a market at an outdoor market.


the offending bedding - Nazi-holocaust


“What I saw was colored sheets with prints of the Eiffel Tower and umbrellas,” she told Ynet. “Even when I spread them on the bed, I didn’t notice anything unusual, but only my daughter, who looked more closely, noticed the symbols and said to me, ‘Mom, there’s a picture of Hitler here.’”

Indeed, in the upper part of the sheets, as well as on top of the blanket, is a print of a Nazi stamp with a picture of the genocidal leader. Next to it is a period airmail stamp with the symbol of Nazi Germany.

Grank returned to the vendor, who, she said, was unsympathetic to her situation.

In a conversation with Ynet, the shop owner said that since the problem was not a product defect, but rather a print-only problem, he did not intend to accept the goods back from the customer, who said he was supposed to check the print before the purchase.

the offending bedding - Nazi-holocaust (2)


The importer of the linens, Arigad, said in response to Ynet, “Upon examination, it became clear that the picture received from the supplier (in China) was different from the product that was supplied to the stores.

“As soon as we were notified, we informed all the stores that we would remove the product from the shelves and collect them, and we invite everyone who bought the product to come to our office and replace the product with another model, with the addition of a gift from our company. We are sorry that that the timing of the publication of the article is nothing more than a cynical exploitation of a mistake in good faith.”

By Meirav Crystal & Ahiya Raved, Ynet News

(Translated and edited by J. Herzog)


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