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Please Save Your Donald Trump Attacks for When it Really Matters

ADL vs Donald Trump

Now I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but I have to say all of these attacks on him have really gotten out of hand. Just kidding!

How many times have you heard people start a sentence or a Facebook post with the words, “I didn’t vote for Donald Trump but…” or “I’m no Donald Trump supporter but…”

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These are mostly the same people who during the elections last year posted all sorts of fake new stories on social media while saying that “I’m not a Trump supporter, but…” The posts always seemed to be something critical about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

We hear the same refrain over and over again, except it now it is about how all these Hillary Clinton supporters are just a bunch of sore losers.

“I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but all this talk about the popular vote is just bitterness on the part of Hillary Clinton supporters.”
“I’m not a Trump supporter, but this whole Russian hack thing is just an excuse being used by Democrats to explain why they lost.”

“I’m no fan of Trump’s but, all these attacks on him calling him crazy, or unstable or a narcissist is just offensive and unfounded and if his opponents continue like this they won’t have a real platform to oppose him with.”

“I hate Donald Trump too, but you have to admit that he has been acting very Presidential sin

OK, I couldn’t even finish that one.

It does not matter if you are not a mental health professional. It does not matter if you have never met with and talked personally to Donald Trump for any length of time. The man lived his life out in the open for years before he ran for office. We have all seen enough to be able to diagnose him as a thin skinned little boy in an adult man’s body who lashes out whenever anyone criticizes him.

Donald Trump is also like the boys from the old comic strip Family Circus. In that comic, the mother would catch her son red handed after having tramped mud through the house because he did not wipe his feet before coming inside or having eaten from the cake which she just baked.

The boy would look up at his mother with mud still on his shoes and his foot prints everywhere, or with chocolate still on his lips and say, “It wasn’t me mom.”

That’s Donald Trump. Everyone else is a liar, everyone else is being unfair, he has done nothing wrong, he has made no mistakes, etc. etc.

Less than a month in and we already see that everyone’s worst fears about the man’s character and mental stability (or emotional stability, or character flaws or whatever term we can use which will satisfy the people who insist that no one can make such judgements of the man who is not a mental health professional who has met him personally) have been proven correct.

So maybe we should not use words like crazy, or mentally ill, or narcissist or paranoid. But emotionally unstable, irrational, incapable of taking criticism, are these terms and descriptions satisfactory to the Donald Trump defenders?

No, of course not. These people have the same capacity to lie to themselves as Donald Trump. They are like the people who refused to even say that what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky was wrong, gross, stupid, betrayed a character flaw and was worthy of a scandal, just not impeachment and removal from office.

These are the same people who believe every stupid rumor about celebrities and believe that reality television programs are really real.

To a certain extent, this describes Donald Trump himself. He actually does believe that his own reality show “The Apprentice” provided audiences with an accurate view of what it takes to be a good business leader.

Donald Trump will not even countenance having a person around who can tell him when he’s wrong. President Trump not only chose people for his administration who agree with him on everything, he choose extreme personalities like Steve Bannon. As we now know, Bannon wrote the executive order banning immigration from those seven Muslim countries himself.

When Barack Obama won election in 2008, his first major decision was to appoint a woman who was his biggest critic to be his Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton. President Obama also retained a Republican who had served under President Bush, Robert Gates, as his Secretary of Defense.

Who did Donald Trump bring on board both in his cabinet and White House staff? A bunch of yes men and sycophants like his son in law and Steve Bannon.

Why? Because he values loyalty above all else. What this really means is that Donald Trump fears having anyone around him who might actually be able to tell him that he is wrong. He wants people who will be loyal to him even when it means doing the wrong thing.

The only other President since World War II who did this was Richard Nixon and we all know how that turned out.

It’s also more than likely that the President Trump stacked the cabinet with enough people who he could rely on never to vote for his removal in accordance with the 25th amendment to the Constitution.

There is more than enough in the theater of the absurd which has defined President Trump’s first month in office, both from his own actions and the actions of those around him, to prove that he is unfit for office. This being the case, let us not waste any time or energy on attacking the silly little things which have happened or in making any ad hominem attacks upon him.

It only serves to strengthen the position of those who would dismiss criticisms of President Trump as nothing more than whiny, petty attacks made by a bunch of sore losers.

For example, people keep on complaining about all of those insane tweets coming from Donald Trump. What they fail to understand is, Donald Trump did not win the election in spite of his personality or his absurd tweets and his paranoid rants against anyone who had the slightest criticism of him. Donald Trump won because of all of that.

And the average American does not care about these things.

kellyanne conway serves Donald Trump


Like what happened with Kellyanne Conway last week. Yes she is an idiot, but her call for people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products was not a big deal. She just made an off the cuff comment at the end of an interview. She should not have said it.

But it’s not like she engaged in an entire advertising campaign for the Ivanka Trump Collection. Nor did Kelly Anne Conway go around wearing Ivanka Trump products in public either.

Those who would make this an issue are falling into a trap. The American public does not care what Conway said. This is not an issue. This is just a diversion from the things which are truly important.

So what about Donald Trump’s attacks on Nordstrom’s for dropping his daughter’s collection from its stores? Again, no one cares. It may be silly and un-presidential, but it is another example of something that the people who voted for Trump knew about him all along.

Unless President Trump uses his position to either punish a business like Nordstrom’s, or reward one which chooses to continue to do business with his family members, then he has not really done anything wrong. Sad, disturbing, petty, childish, immature, unbecoming the President of the United States certainly, but not illegal or an abuse of office.

The people who voted for him did so either because they already knew that he was like this and did not care or because he is like this.

How about calling CNN fake news? Surely this must be an egregious offense. Isn’t it? Well, no. It isn’t.

Again, the average American either does not care or agrees with President Trump. How many times have you heard people talk about how they cannot rely for news on the so called mainstream media? Of course, these people tend to be Republicans. And they are also the same kinds of people who believed all of those fake news stories which get posted on social media all of the time and who repost the stories themselves.

Never mind that this so called news has no basis in reality and comes from websites whose very names betray their political agendas. The average Donald Trump supporter believes these stories and believes Donald Trump when he cites them as proof. Again, they either voted for him because of this or in spite of this. Either way, they just don’t care.

And since taking office both Donald Trump and his senior advisors have made it clear that the truth is irrelevant to them. As long as people out there believe that their alternative facts are in fact truths that is all that matters. And too many people do.

As for the total number of people who actually turned out for the inauguration on January 20, who cares? Seriously now, who the hell cares? No one! That’s who! And certainly not all of those people who voted for Donald Trump in spite of everything.

Of course his whining about the numbers is further proof that Donald Trump is a thin skinned, man boy, who has to have everything in his life conform to his needs and his views. But it’s just not a subject worth making into an issue.

So what, you are probably asking right now, is an example of something that Donald Trump has done since taking office which should be made into a serious matter.

Well just about everything else.

Like election fraud. The continuous insistence by the President of the United States that there was some sort of fraud in the 2016 election calls into doubt the very basis of American democracy. Never mind the fact that there is no truth whatsoever behind it.

And the man won the election anyway.

Then there is Donald Trump’s attacks on Federal judges. President George W. Bush stated publicly that while he may have been unhappy with a court decision which reversed one of his policies, he accepted the court’s authority to issue such a ruling. But not Trump. No, he has to declare on twitter that the judges who ruled against his executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim nations were somehow incompetent.

This is another attack on the very corps of America’s democratic system.

Michael Flynn former Donald Trump dude

The most important issue to be investigated is the connection between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government. The resignation of Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn is a serious matter and Trump opponents should stick to their guns on this one.

The full extent of the Trump campaign’s connection with the Russian government before the elections and during the transition period has not yet been revealed. This is the one out of many scandals currently going on around Trump which could really bring him down. Why else do you think that both President Trump and the Congressional Republicans are so afraid of seeing it be investigated?

There are other examples to be sure. But the bottom line here is that opponents of President Trump must pick their battles.

More than 40 percent of eligible voters in America did not even bother to vote in the last presidential elections.

Donald Trump received only 46.1 percent of the popular vote. This amounts to approximately 27 percent of all of America’s eligible voters. So at least 70 percent of Americans either did not want Trump to be President or just didn’t care.

And yet he is the President of the United States.

Is Donald Trump such a mad genius that he knows his Twitter rants serve as a diversion from the serious issues? Probably not. But remember that during the campaign he at one point tried to appear more presidential by speaking from prepared remarks rather than in his usual “make it up as you go along” style. The result was a boring candidate and so Trump quickly went back to his usual self.

And it worked.

This is why it is so important not to get hung up on the mundane like Donald Trump’s penchant for insulting everyone who opposes him and lashing out on social media. Instead people must stick to the really serious matters including, but not limited to, those mentioned above.



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