Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017

Sarah Silverman Calls For Military Coups Against Donald Trump, and Then She Doesn’t

Sarah Silverman vs Donald Trump

Did Sarah Silverman actually call for people to rise up an enact a violent coups to remove Donald Trump from office? Well yes, and no. It depends on who you ask.

While we certainly understand the frustration which led to the tweet sent out by Sarah Silverman, it does come close to treason. Imagine if the same thing had been said by someone famous about President Obama when he was still in office.

This was tweeted on Thursday. “Once the military is with us fascists get overthrown.” Really? Come on Sarah, you know better.

So then on Friday morning Sarah Silverman clarified her earlier comments with the following tweet.

Then Friday night Sarah added, “Yo I’m the peacenick snowflake in this tweet – thought that was obvs. Oy.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Silverman’s sister Laura Silverman had a few tweets of her own for Donald Trump. Laura Silverman tweeted, “There is no winning when you play by a twisted tyrant’s rules.” -Lucifer (on the tv show, Lucifer 🤓).”

And this:

And she also tweeted, “There are 712 active white nationalist hate groups in the United States-radicalizing ppl like Dylann Roof who was failed by his ‘community.'”

So thank you for your vigilance, Sarah Silverman, but liberal celebrities slamming Trump all of the time is part of the reason why he won the election.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler also got in on the social media fun with a few tweets of her own.

On women’s issues Handler tweeted, “2 male CEO’s will advise Trump on “women in the workforce”. Mansplaining at it’s finest. Keep sitting back and doing nothing.”

And Chelsea Handler also tweeted this, “Trump has been named in more than 50 lawsuits since his Inauguration. His inauguration crowd was low but his lawsuits are tremendous.”

And in another attempt to outdo Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler also tweeted, “he limits of tyrants is prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. -Frederick Douglass, -the guy trump said is still alive.”

So thank you Sarah Silverman and Laura Silverman and Chelsea Handler for tweeting out to the world what we already know.

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