Was Simon Sinek Right About Millennials?

"I love your books Mr. Sinek, but with all due respect, your answer on millennials in the workplace was wrong."

was Simon Sinek right

Not everyone was impressed by the Ted Talk that Simon Sinek gave about millennials a few weeks ago. Jared Buckley, a millennials skills coach, had a few word for Sinek in the Huffington Post.

Millennials are usually defined as the generation of people born anywhere from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They generally have a reputation for being somewhat spoiled and expecting immediate gratification and advancement in their careers. Some would even go so far as to describe them as narcissistic.

Simon Sinek said that their addictions to the Internet, social media and their smart phones are all linked to their problems in the work place. He explained how this causes more depression and a lack of true human interaction in America’s younger generation today.

But Buckley feels that this is bunk.”I love your books Mr. Sinek, but with all due respect, your answer on millennials in the workplace was wrong,” said Jared Buckley. He criticized Simon Sinek mainly for committing the sin of making a broad generalization about an entire group of people.

“I am sorry though, you cannot answer the ‘millennial question’ in 10 minutes or even 60 minutes,” added Buckley to Simon Sinek. “There are too many variables involved impacting the “millennial question.” To be clear, there are too many variables to definitively label any generation for that matter. Every individual, regardless of generational alignment, is unique to their experiences, characteristics, and talents. Generational insight can be helpful, but it still doesn’t define an “entire generation.”

Now Simon Sinek has been speaking about why so many would be entrepreneurials fail. He said that it is because they fail to collaborate enough with people who could help them out of s fear of having their ideas ripped off.

In an interview with the IoD Simon Sinek said “It’s perfectly understandable why you wouldn’t want to let go. It’s completely yours, you started it, it’s your baby. But that can only achieve a certain level of success. True scale has to involve other people.”

“What great leaders are capable of doing is extracting their purpose, their cause,” added Sinek. “Their belief, and finding those who believe what they believe so that those people will treat the business as if it’s their own baby.”

“The greatest compliment you can ever get as an entrepreneur is someone building the business for themselves and not for you.”

Well with all due respect to Simon Sinek, he seems to have forgotten that every successful entrepreneur brings in partners to help his new company grow. They all pitch their ideas to venture capital firms and angel investors.

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