Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

WATCH: Bigfoot In Yellowstone? A couple Captures ‘Sasquatch Family’ On Video


A “Bigfoot family” was spotters on Christmas Day. A man, Bahinko, and his wife uploaded to Youtube a cell phone recording of a Yellowstone National Park live feed, near Old Faithful. The couple filmed six large dark figures look like Bigfoot in the snow.

They explain:

“On Christmas Day 2016, I recorded a live feed coming from the Old Faithful webcam located at Yellowstone National Park. The park’s webcam, normally trained on Old Faithful, suddenly zoomed in on a geyser erupting off in the distance and at the same time was now broadcasting a live video feed of a group of large individuals gathering, one at a time.”

In the page “unexplained and unreported” happenings of Yellowstone indicates that inquires on Bigfoot are frequent. It says they have no proof of Bigfoot’s existence or other strange phenomena such as “lake music.”

“Thirty-three years after the letters inquiring about Sasquatch sightings, the Archives cannot claim to have official proof of Bigfoot sightings nor does it hold documents that can explain lake music.”


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