Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Jeffrey Katzenberg Venture WndrCo Raises $600 Milliom

Jeffrey Katzenberg Raises $600 Million for WindrCo

A New firm formed by Jeffrey Katzenberg called WndrCo has raised $591.5 million. WndrCo is a a digital media and technology investment firm.

The new venture is a limited liability corporation (LLC), which protects investors from financial liabilities.

Variety cited an SEC filing which listed Jeffrey Katzenberg as the manager of the fund, and 18 different investors who each put in a minimum of $25 million in investments into the fund.

Jeffrey Katzenberg started this new venture after DreamWorks Animation was sold to Comcast for $3.8 billion. Katzenberg founded Dreamworks SKG studios 20 years ago with partners David Geffen and Steve Spielberg.

So now Jeffrey Katzenberg has decided to take a step back from the production of entertainment movies and TV shows and instead concentrate on investing in such ventures. It makes perfect sense. Like an executive producer, Katzenberg will be able to offer his expertise in the industry to the companies and new ventures in which WndrCo might invest. He will also surely know what entertainment stocks to but and when to sell them.

So if you are an investor with a measly $25 million in cash in the bank you too can take advantage of Jeffrey Katzenberg and his knowledge of the entertainment industry.

The 65 year old got his start working for Bary Diller at Paramount Studios back in the 1970s. At Paramount Jeffrey Katzenberg was involved in the revival of the Star Trek franchise, turning it into hit movies and the development of new television shows such as “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

In the 1980s, he then moved on to Disney together with his Paramount mentor Michael Eisner. But Jeffrey Katzenberg did not get along with the Disney chair Roy E Disney, which led to his moving on and forming Dreamworks with Spielberg and Geffen.

With an estimated net worth of almost $1 billion, Katzenberg has been married for more than 40 years and has 2 children.

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