Israel’s Lampados Releases New 3D Natural Sweetener Called Liteez

Mayo Clinic say that there is no health advantage to consuming any type of added sugar. Not even natural sweeteners, including agave nectar

New Israeli Natural Sweetener Liteez

People are looking for Natural Sweetener to replace sugar instead of the artificial ones like aspartame which have been in use since the 1970s. Israel’s Lampados has announced plans to release a new 3D natural sweetener Called Liteez.

This leads us to two questions: 1 — What is Liteez made of and 2 — what the heck is a 3D sweetener anyway?


Well Lampados explains that this new “sweetener delivery system” has a three dimensional shape in the form of  a meringue. It is is egg-free, sugar-free, and vegan. “Put two meringue kisses in your coffee, stir, and enjoy all the sweetness of sugar,” boasts the company. Two Liteez contain about two calories instead of the 20 calories in one teaspoon of table sugar.

So now you can get a natural sweetener shaped like a candy or even a sugar cube instead of it coming as a powder in one of those annoying little packets.


artificial-sweetener vs natural sweetener


Liteez is a natural sweetener made from a vegetable protein that has the ability to foam like eggs to help create its kiss texture and form. Sugar’s functionality is replaced with prebiotic fibers to form a stable foam and maintain the kiss shape, while being highly soluble in hot drinks, such as coffee or tea.

“The idea was to craft a whole new concept for a healthier, tasty, and indulgent sweetener–to simply create a new experience for coffee and tea or as a casual snack,” says Noam Kaplan, CEO of Lampados.

“Many consumers crave something sweet both in and with their coffee,” notes Kaplan. “Our new kiss fulfills both needs for a delicious, low-cal sweetener or as an indulgent dessert, without compromising on taste and while helping with weight management.”

But should we use such natural sweeteners and are they any healthier than artificial sweeteners. Much has been reported recently about how sugar substitutes may actually make people fatter. This is because they trick the brain into thinking that the body has absorbed a carbohydrate when it has not. This can lead to cravings for fattening foods that may not have otherwise been eaten.

So this is why everyone is now looking to natural sweeteners. But are they any better for you?


Natural Sweetener vs sugar


According to the Mayo Clinic, natural sweeteners are sugar substitutes that are “often promoted as healthier options than processed table sugar or other sugar substitutes. But even these so-called natural sweeteners often undergo processing and refining, including agave nectar.”

There may be some health concerns related to the use of natural sweeteners, though.
The Mayo Clinic points out that there is no health advantage to consuming any type of added sugar. And consuming too much added sugar, even natural sweeteners, can lead to health problems, such as tooth decay, poor nutrition, weight gain and increased triglycerides.

Liteez was developed in collaboration with Practical Innovation, Israel. “Our mission was to help a traditional sweetener company make a completely novel product that takes the concept of sweet indulgence to a unique level,” explains Tal Laizer, CEO of Practical Innovation. “This is not just a new sweetener but an entirely new look & feel-a complete 3D flavor experience.”

Check out this list of sugar substitutes from which includes natural sweeteners.

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