Joshua Kushner Is Not Just Jared Kushner’s Brother


Joshua Kushner

Jared Kushner‘s baby brother Joshua Kushner is benefiting from his brother’s new political career while making a name for himself. As Donald Trump’s son in law is set to take on an official position in his Presidential administration, Jared is turning over his financial assets to a number of people including Joshua.

The 31 year old has his own investment capital firm called Thrive Capital, which holds an estimated $1.5 billion in assets. The fund reportedly has only $5 million invested from the Kushner family so Joshua must really know how to pitch himself to people. And he is behind the startup Oscar Health, a company which helps connect people with doctors and health plans under Obamacare.

Kushner has a similar taste in women as his brother Jared. He is currently dating the 24 year old Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss who, like Ivanka Trump. is also a blonde shiksa goddess. But if  Joshua Kushner’s mother is lucky, if they get married Karlie will also convert to Judaism like Ivanka did.

According to the New York Times, Joshua Kusner’s Oscar Health might suffer should Obamacare be repealed. And President Elect Trump and the Republican Congress have declared their intention to do just that.

This is just one of the many possible conflicts of interest which many people have said will arise around Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, because of their many personal business interests as well as the interests of their family members. Will Joshua ask older brother Jared to try and get President Trump to preserve as much of the Affordable Care Act as possible because one of his main business interests depends on it? If so, will Jared Kushner be breaking any laws just by hearing Joshua Kushner’s pleas? Will it make a difference if they only discussed such things before Jared is formally sworn in as a White House staffer?

Karlie Kloss and boyfriend Joshua Kushner

After the elections last November Joshua Kushner even wrote a blog post for Oscar Health about the future of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. He wrote that, “the Affordable Care Act (ACA) undoubtedly helped us get off the ground. For the first time, insurers could sell directly to consumers, convince them of the quality of their product, and fight to keep them year after year – something we feel we are much better positioned to do than legacy insurers. From the beginning, we saw the ACA market as a gateway, but were much more excited about the shift it would precipitate across all healthcare markets.”

Joshua also gave a number of statistics and provided graphs in defense of Obamacare. He added that, “the ACA ensures that more than 15 million people in the individual market (on- and off-exchange) now have health insurance, and can buy coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions. The more people have health insurance that they can afford and pay for, the better off we all are – otherwise people don’t get the care they need, and society ultimately has to bear the burden and the expense.”

In addition, Joshua Kushner pledged to fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act. While he may actually believe that it is beneficial to all of the American people, it is undeniable that Kushner’s personal wealth is tied to Obamacare.

Jared Kushner, meanwhile, has announced that he is divesting himself from many assets including his stake in Thrive Capital, while Joshua Kushner is actually buying some of the investments which his brother is selling.

So whatever happens with Obamacare or Oscar Health one thing is certain: Joshua Kushner stands to gain as a result of being the only prominent Kushner out there doing business while Jared Kushner is busy working at the White House.


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