Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

Yes to Online Gambling Companies in Israel, No to Israelis Gambling With Them




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The State of Israel allows online casino companies to operate which is a thriving industry in the country but prohibits its citizens from betting with them. It isn’t the only nation in the world with laws allow for gaming businesses, yet prohibit their citizens from participating in them.

Whatever happened to “what is good for the goose is good for the gander?”

Rival software is based in Canada and is one of the biggest gaming suppliers in the industry. It is legal to play in online casinos in Canada, but illegal to play any Rival games. Monte Carlo is among one of the most luxurious casino destinations in the world as tourists’ flock there to play slots and table games in tuxedos, while residents there can only fantasize about the excitement behind those closed doors.

It makes you sit back and wonder how these topsy-turvy laws came into effect in the first place. In Israel, gaming companies proliferate. However, sports betting and the lottery are the only forms of gambling allowed its citizens.

A ban on gambling in Israel has been enforced since 1977. Like Merican laws on this subject, it can get very complicated mainly because at that time there was no internet gambling leaving so-called experts to interpret every which way.

It was not until 2005 that there was a crackdown when then Israeli Attorney General handed down orders to close online gambling operators and prohibit credit card companies from processing these transactions in Israel.

How does the general public feel about gambling and the establishments within the state? There are some overall strong opinions that are opposed to it. What is interesting is Playtech and 888 for example, are Jewish owned companies. The concept of a someone losing their entire life savings on a week-long gambling spree doesn’t set well for Israelis must less employees who work in this field. But the bottom line is it’s a paycheck and puts food on the table, therefore, turning a blind eye on the ugly side is the coping mechanism for keeping their morals in check.

The regulating of online casinos has improved dramatically from the early days when it all began. Jurisdictions have strict laws that operators must adhere to and which aid in protecting the rights of players. There are however some jurisdictions that do not enforce regulations and this is when a casino can develop a reputation for being rogue.

From a religious perspective, the Jewish rabbis have a poor viewpoint on gambling and is a standard feeling across most religions. There is a misconception that it only breeds over indulgence creating addiction. There has always been a universal undertone in some circles that gambling and gamblers are a shady lot. A connection to organized crime is associated with gambling including committing other crimes out of desperation when their life spirals out of control but in reality, this is a small sector.

The bottom-line is you can’t have your cake and eat it too if it makes no sense.  On the one hand, it is acceptable for gambling companies to operate in Israel for the obvious reason that it generates billions in revenue from abroad. On the other hand, can you do so while sticking to your convictions and morals which require you to deny Israelis the freedom to gamble themselves? Governments should not be inconsistent in this way.

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