Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

Image of the Day: Astronomers Discover Powerful Cosmic Double Whammy

NASA Abell 3411 and Abell 3412 Astronomers Discover Powerful Cosmic Double Whammy


Astronomers have discovered what happens when the eruption from a supermassive black hole is swept up by the collision and merger of two galaxy clusters. This composite image contains X-rays from Chandra (blue), radio emission from the GMRT (red), and optical data from Subaru (red, green, and blue) of the colliding galaxy clusters called Abell 3411 and Abell 3412. These and other telescopes were used to analyze how the combination of these two powerful phenomena can create an extraordinary cosmic particle accelerator.


Deepest X-ray Image Ever Reveals Black Hole Treasure Trove

An unparalleled image from Chandra gives astronomers the best look yet at the growth of black holes over billions of years beginning soon after the Big Bang. This is the deepest X-ray image ever obtained, collected with about 7 million seconds, or eleven and a half weeks, of Chandra observing time.

The image comes from what is known as the Chandra Deep Field-South. The central region of the image contains the highest concentration of supermassive black holes ever seen, equivalent to about 5, 000 objects that would fit into the area of the full Moon and about a billion over the entire sky.



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