Google Chrome Extension Make America Kittens Again Will Help Trump Haters — Switches His On Line Pics With Kittens


Make America Kittens Again, a Google Chrome Extension, will help you if you hate Donald Trump so much that you cannot stand to look at his picture when reading about him on line. It will replace all of his pictures with kittens.

What a novel idea!

Its developer declares that Make America Kittens Again replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens, “because seriously, f*** that guy.”



Now if only we can get an app which will let you do the same thing with every single annoying celebrity. Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan… the list of people whose faces no one can stand to look at any more is endless.

Then their is all the racist imagery on the Internet like swastikas and Nazis and all of that.

And why just kittens? Sure they are cute, but why not replace a swastika with a peace sign? How about a picture of Meryl Streep instead of having to look at Miley Cyrus? Or one of Morgan Freeman instead of Kanye West?

We can only hope.

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