Watch: Uber Driver Saves Teen From Human Trafficking


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick works with fourth graders during Cooking Matters,  a nutrition class taught by 18 Reasons,  a local partner of Share our Strength at Glen Park Elementary School in San Francisco


A California Uber driver rescued a teen sex slave from forced prostitution. The girl was only 16 years old.

So finally some good news for Uber. Instead of one of its drivers being accused of rape, one actually rescued a girl from sex trafficking.

Keith Avila, a married Uber driver with one child from Sacramento, posted a video of himself telling the story on YouTube. He dropped the girl off at a hotel and overheard her pimps talking about what would they would do once she entered the hotel room.



The driver said in the video that the women were, “describing what they were going to do when they get there. She starts coaching and saying OK when we get there the first thing you’re gonna do is give the guy a hug and you’re gonna ask if he has any weapons.”

The local ABC News affiliate reported that three people were arrested for sex trafficking by the Elk Grove California police after Avila reported the incident. The police arrested 25 year old Destiny Pettway and 31 year old Maria Westley for pimping when they arrived at the hotel. Authorities also arrested 20 year old Disney Vang, the alleged customer.

The 34 year old Uber driver told The Daily Beast, “What gave me chills is, the next day [police] said she was reunited with her family. She was missing. I felt kind of good about that.”

Avilla is also a photographer. “I take pictures of girls exactly her age, ” he added. “When I take pictures, everyone’s happy and smiling. To see that, compared to what I saw [the night of the arrests], I knew, ‘OK, there’s something wrong here.’”


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