Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Hired Morgan Freeman As His Butler — Sort Of


So what do Mark Zuckerberg and Morgan Freeman have to do with one another? Funny you should ask. Freeman is the voice of Mark Zuckerberg’s personal AI assistant.

Well if you have Mark Zuckerberg kind of money then of course you would want your own personal artificial intelligence helping you with your day to day task just like Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man had Jarvis in the movies.

Zuckerberg has posted about his interactions with Morgan Freeman — er the voice of Morgan Freeman — in his home. He wrote, “After seeing Jarvis from my perspective and Priscilla’s, we thought it would be funny to do one from the AI’s perspective too. Morgan Freeman is absolutely brilliant.”

So why did Zuckerberg choose Morgan Freeman to be its voice? Who wouldn’t? The man has one of the most recognizable voices in the world and he once played God in a movie. Also, when the Facebook owner asked his Facebook followers the question the overwhelming response was the Oscar winning actor.

So how did Mark Zuckerberg get Morgan Freeman to agree to do it? Well as he explained to Fast Company, “I called him after. I said, ‘Hey, I posted this thing, and thousands of people want you to be the voice. Will you do it?”

And what was Freeman’s response? “Yeah, sure.”

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