Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Bill Maher Goes After Trump’s Cabinet Picks — Big Surprise!


Bill Maher does not like Donald Trump’s selections for his cabinet. Well Maher hates Trump so he probably will not like anything that he does.

The host of Real Time on HBO spoke out in an interview with Attn:.

On Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments Bill Maher said, “Of course, the appointments are from opposite land. For education, a guy that doesn’t believe in public education. For health, a guy that doesn’t believe in public health.”

“You know, Ben Carson, for example, ” Maher added. “Surgeon general, maybe, because he was a surgeon, [but] no, housing! Because, why, he lives in a house?”

And Bill Maher also thinks that FBI Director James Comey deliberately interfered in the elections to help Trump, calling it a coups.

“This is what scares me, ” Maher said. “This was a slow moving coup of a kind of fascist-like government we have now. And I don’t know if fascists ever give up power. I’m not saying that tanks will be in the streets, but they found a way to steal this fucking election.”

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