Steven Spielberg Turns 70: His 10 Best Films

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Steven Spielberg turned 70 years old on Sunday. In his honor here is a list of his ten greatest movies.

10 – War of the Worlds

So this time Spielberg went for the aliens as the bad guys who come to destroy the world unlike in his previous movies where they were always friendly.

9 – Catch Me If You Can 

Steven Spielberg directing Leonardo DiCaprio in a period movie, what more could you ask?


8 – Amistad

Based on the true story of a group of slaves who fought for their freedom in the U.S. courts after the Spanish ship carrying them crashed in the 1830s.

7 – Saving Private Ryan

Not just about the Normandy invasion, this movie won Steven Spielberg his second Oscar for directing.

6 – Lincoln 

Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar for playing President Lincoln in the movie which proved that Spielberg had not lost his touch.


5 – Jaws

The Greatest horror movie of all time and the first real blockbuster in history.

4 – Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Made in collaboration with George Lucas, this nod to old movie serials became one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. A fifth is being produced. The movie proved that Harrison Ford was a true movie star.


3 – Close Encounters Of the Third Kind

It came out the same year as Star Wars and as Spielberg’s follow up to Jaws it proved that he was America’s newest greatest director. The movie about friendly aliens who make first contact with humanity starred Richard Dreyfuss as an average dad who drives his family crazy after he received messages from the aliens.

2 – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This is possibly the single greatest science fiction/fantasy movie ever made.

1 – Schindler’s List  

If you have to ask…


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