Sumner Redstone Gal Pal Sydney Holland Wants Millions More

Sydney Holland,  Sumner Redstone


Getting more than $100 million from Sumner Redstone was apparently not enough for Sydney Holland. Now the 93 year old businessman’s former lover is suing him for financial support claiming that he broke his promise to marry her.

CNBC has reported that Holland filed court documents that claim Redstone also gave out millions of dollars in gifts to a number of woman including a flight attendant who worked for CBS. Sydney Holland is fighting back after Sumner Redstone sued her and a another woman for more than $150 million which he claims they cheated him out of when they were dating.

Holland says that all of these women received money and gifts just for having sex with Redstone and none were actually engaged to marry him like she was.

Sumner Redstone’s Girlfriend, Sydney Holland, Kicked Out of His House


Lawyers for Redstone stated, “Ms. Holland’s cross-complaint is a work of fiction punctuated by not-so-subtle threats of extortion and an overwhelming stench of greed.”

Sumner Redstone’s people say that he ended the relationship because Sydney Holland cheated on him. While Holland does not deny the affair, she says that it was just one “mistake” while he was having sex with many women.

Sydney Holland’s court papers read, “After years of monogamous commitment to Redstone (with none in return) and living in a very controlled environment, Sydney succumbed to a short-lived affair. Naively, when Sydney confessed her indiscretion to Redstone, she hoped for the same forgiveness and understanding that she had shown him during all of his affairs. But, to her devastation, Redstone broke off their engagement and asked Sydney to move out.”

The average person probably does not care about any of this. The average person is probably thinking that these people are nuts and that Holland is just suing to get revenge on Redstone.

The average person is thinking right about now, “how can super rich people like Sumner Redstone and Sydney Holland be so dumb?”

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