Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

Carl Bernstein Says Donald Trump Worse Than Nixon


Carl Bernstein, the famed Watergate reporter, has compared Donald Trump to Richard Nixon. He said that Trump cares less for facts than Nixon did.

The comments came when Bernstein spoke on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday. As one of the people credited with bringing down Richard Nixon with his investigation of the whole Watergate scandal more than 40 years ago, Carl Bernstein is considered an expert on the subject. He is someone who can surely sniff out corruption in politics and knows a liar when he sees one.

“Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way this President-elect does, ” said Bernstein on how much Donald Trump chooses to ignore certain truths. For example, Mr. Trump just claimed that the Russian hacks were irrelevant and exaggerated and do not need to be investigated. He also has little patience for intelligence briefings. Bernstein explained that this “has something to do with the growing sense of authoritarianism he and his presidency are projecting. The danger of it is obvious and he’s trying to make the conduct of the press the issue, not his own conduct.”

Richard Nixon once said that if the President does something it is by definition not illegal, no matter what the law actually says. Many people, including Carl Bernstein, fear that Donald Trump has the same character flaws that Nixon had, including a penchant for abusing the powers of the Presidency to get revenge on his enemies.

“I would just take his bullying approach to the union leader instead of going into the facts of what the Carrier deal was and what the unions in that institution has done. Everything that he controverts, he doesn’t go to a fact-based argument he goes to an emotional argument, ” said Bernstein.

This is yet another comparison to Richard Nixon who put anyone who criticized him on an enemies list.

“What we have seen throughout the campaign is pathological disdain for the truth, a kind of lie and ease with lying that we have not seen before.”

Carl Bernstein, who was himself an object of Richard Nixon’s hatred and paranoia, knows the consequences of having a vindictive man in the White House.

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