Published On: Mon, Dec 5th, 2016

More Sex Helps Memory — McGill University Study Finds

Sex,   Illustration Youre-Being-Unfaithful-to-Your-Spouse

Can more sex improve your memory? Well a new study from researchers at McGill University in Canada says that it can certainly help women.

Remember that one on Seinfeld where George stops having sex and gets smarter? And at the same time Elaine had lots of sex and got dumber. Well apparently they got that backwards, say scientists.

The study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour is titled “Frequency of Penile–Vaginal Intercourse is Associated with Verbal Recognition Performance in Adult Women.” The study had 78 heterosexual women aged 18–29 engage in memory tests while increasing their heterosexual intercourse.

The study found that the results suggest that such sexual activity may indeed have beneficial effects on memory function in healthy young women.

Dr. Jens Pruessner, a psychology professor at McGill University and one of the authors on the study, told Broadly, “The chemicals involved with signaling reward to the brain—hormones and neurotransmitters—have also been shown to be associated with both memory and sexual activity. Thus, you can indeed speculate that both are associated with reward.”

But Dr. Prussner also qualified his remarks, pointing out that the study did not provide conclusive evidence. “All we can say at this point in time is that we have made an observation between self-reported sexual behavior and measured cognitive function that is correlational, which means we can’t say anything about cause and effect.”

So while their may be a connection between sexual activity in young women and increased memory, it is far from clear what the cause for the better memory may be.

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