Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2016

Shia LaBeouf Bombs In Stinker ‘Man Down’


If Shia LaBeouf was hoping to make a comeback with his new movie “Man Down” he was certainly wrong. The critics hate it.

Movie review site Rotten Tomatoes gives “Man Down” all of a 29% rating.

“Man Down” is the story of U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf) who returns home from his tour in Afghanistan. Once home, he fhe has trouble adjusting and suffers fron PTSD. Kate Mara plays Drummer’s estranged wife Natalie and Gary Oldman plays a military councelor who tries to help him.



Shia LaBeouf’s once promising film career imploded over the last few years as he went through a very public meltdown. But his new movie is certainly not based on an original subject. “The Hurt Locker, ” “American Sniper, ” haven’t we had enough movies about army veterans unable to readjust to civilian life?


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And LaBeouf actually had the chutzpah to whine about he himself suffered thorugh the production of the film, comparing it to the traumas that his character had experienced.

The actor told Entertainment Tonight about the training he went through to film one of the movie’s sequences.

“The guy who did it to me, this guy named Nick Jones Jr., who is my heart, he is the Marine I went through this whole thing with. He knew how to do it in a safe way, so it just seemed like an easier thing than to have to conjure it, ” said LaBeouf

So what did the critics say?

The New York Daily News Says, “For all of its effort to make an important point about the unseen casualties of war, “Man Down” is a taxing exercise for the viewer. It’s the job of director Dito Montiel and of the sound people to render what LaBeouf says in a manner that is audible. He mumbled. A lot. And often when he didn’t mumble incoherently, the rest of the soundtrack noise was too loud to understand him.”

The Guardian says, “Well, all of this would presume to be going somewhere and – grindingly slowly – it eventually does, courtesy of a big twist ending. However, before it gets there, Montiel’s chopped up narrative labours through one momentum-free scene after another. Without the context of the final reveal, what we are presented with is somehow self-important and empty at the same time. LaBoeuf endlessly bonding with his kid; LaBoeuf avoidong the point in his l-o-o-o-ng talk session with Oldman; seen-it-all-before harassment at the hands of marine drill sergeants. Even the combat scenes, which are well-enough put together, seem to have been lifted wholesale from about three dozen previous films.”

So Shia LaBeouf is going to have to work a lot harder to get his movie career going again.

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