Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Israeli company develops world’s first cannabis inhaler

Teva Israel to market Syqe Medical first cannabis inhaler exclusively in Israel

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Teva Israel today announced the signing of a cooperation and marketing agreement with the Israeli company Syqe Medical to market the world’s first medical cannabis inhaler. This is the first time that a device in the field of medical cannabis has met the standards for the provision of pharmaceutical inhalation.

No financial data on the agreement was disclosed.

Syqe Medical is an Israeli company which develops technologies for pharmaceutical administration of raw medicinal plants by inhalation; it has developed the world’s first and only inhaler enabling metered-dose administration of plants, which has the level of precision and safety of a drug.

The first plant integrated in this inhalator is medical cannabis. The company has completed several clinical trials which had indicated that the inhaler is accurate and up to the pharmaceutical standards for inhalation-based cannabis delivery. Syqe Medical’s technology makes only a structural change in the plant, preserves all of its qualities and provides safe, accurate and metered inhalation-based delivery.

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For the past year Syqe medical inhalers have been in constant use in the Rambam hospital in Haifa, with the approval of Israel’s Ministry of Health. This is actually the first hospital in the world where cannabis is a full-fledged medical care option.

In 2016, Israel had about 26, 000 medical cannabis consumption licenses and estimates are that licenses will double by 2018.

So far, health ministries in Israel and abroad have had no medical solution to offer most patients who consume cannabis by inhalation (90% of patients worldwide); Syqe’s inhaler provides these patients with an efficient solution which allows them to inhale an optimal dosage to best ease their pain.

Syqe’s inhaler will be designated for a wide variety of patients with different diseases, based on indications approved by Israel’s Ministry of Health. This inhaler has already been used regularly in the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa for a year. In fact, Rambam is the world’s first hospital in which cannabis is used as a regular medical treatment.

The cartridges are biodegradable and will be marketed and distributed by Teva to relevant parties – doctors, nurses, pain clinics, oncology clinics, pharmacies and more. The marketing and distribution of the inhaler will be subject to Teva’s highest pharmaceutical standards.

“Teva Israel entered the field of medical cannabis, out of its deep commitment to pain patients, a field which is at the core of the company’s operations, ” said Avinoam Sapir, Teva Israel CEO, director for Africa and the Middle East and director of innovation in emerging markets. “Advanced technology and groundbreaking medical devices – such as the ones developed by Syqe Medical, which generate therapeutical value for both patient and medical staff – fit well into the strategy of Teva Israel which is committed to innovation in all fields of activity, whether as part of in-house development, in investments, or in cooperation with groundbreaking Israeli startup companies.”

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