Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Uber To Let Non-Violent Criminals Work As Drivers

The company has also upgraded its positive reviews service.



Uber is changing its policies to allow non-violent offenders to work as drivers in its service. So if you were ever convicted of prostitution or drug possession you too can now be an Uber driver.

The policy change has not taken effect everywhere just yet, however. The company has implemented the new policy in California already and is moving ahead with plans to do so in Rhode Island and Connecticut as well.

Uber had been criticized for having hiring guidelines which were too strict and that prevented people who may have only been guilty of a misdemeanor from getting jobs. The ACLU has praised the move.

But many people might be concerned considering all of the incidents of rape involving Uber drivers around the world.

The ride service has also implemented a new way for customers to show their appreciation to their drivers.

The company is introducing a new “Compliments” feature which it says will allow users to make more specific positive comments about their drivers, rather than simply giving a number of stars.

Uber stated in a blog post that, “sometimes, 5 stars just isn’t enough. Starting this week, we’re making it easier for riders to thank drivers for the things they doㄧbig and smallㄧto make the ride memorable.”

Users will be able to select a specific area in which they thought that their Uber driver was most helpful. These include things like helping load bags into the trunk, knowing how to get around town, or being a good conversationalist. Drivers will be notified of their positive reviews.

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