Mark Cuban Meets With Steve Bannon — Donald Trump’s Alt-Right Advisor


Mark Cuban and Steve Bannon held a face to face meeting this week at the King Cole Bar in New York City’s St. Regis hotel. Social media services exploded from the shock.

The maverick billionaire who owns the aptly named Dallas Mavericks of the NBA supported Hillary Clinton during the elections and was harshly critical of Donald Trump. Bannon was just chosen to be the senior adviser to President Trump. This is part of what makes this meeting so strange. Specifically, Cuban famously said before election day that he would prefer to “lose every penny than have Trump as president.”

He made a number of similar tweets in the lead up to election day. Here are just a few examples:

“Wow !!! Trump won’t put his name on new hotels. Even he knows his brand is over. Say goodnight Donnie.”

“If Trump ran as an independent he would have less than 10% of votes. There is no Trump movement. Never was. Never will be.”

“trump should stop lying about funding his own campaign and stop taking money from small donors”

“Trump refused to protect our financial system from “criminals, terrorists and bad actors” and got fined $10mm.”

Mark Cuban is also Jewish and Steve Bannon has been sharply criticized by Jewish groups for his association with the racist and anti-Semitic alt-right political movement.

However, while having disdain for Trump, Cuban does respect Steve Bannon for his talents, once tweeting, “Steve Bannon is smart. Far far smarter than trump. Trump lives in the moment. Steve will have a plan.”

TMZ got the scoop with a photo of the two men drinking coffee together just a few blocks away from Trump Tower. Unfortunately, there was no word as to what the meeting was about or what was discussed.

The picture of the meeting looks kind of like when Michael Corleone had that infamous sit down in a restaurant with Sollozzo the Turk in “The Godfather.” But who played which role here? Fortunately neither shot the other dead as in that movie.

Could it be that Donald Trump is having his people reach out to prominent Democrats to sort of make the peace? Or may Steve Bannon just wanted to use the Jewish Mark Cuban as a prop to show that he does have Jewish friends.

Or maybe both Trump and Bannon just want to convince Cuban to stop making negative tweets bout Trump’s people like this one.

So now the world must take a wait and see approach to find out what exactly came out of the Mark Cuban and Steve Bannon peace summit. We need not wait long for answers since the two men made no effort to hide their meeting.

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