Published On: Thu, Nov 17th, 2016

William Shatner Notes On Star Trek Up For Auction

Shatner wrote about his poor relationship with George Takei

Shatner George Takei

William Shatner’s hand written notes from the time when he was on Star Trek are up for auction. So you to could get a piece of history.

Europe Newsweek has reported that 11 such notes will be auctioned off today by Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

In them, Shatner talks about all things Star Trek, including his co-star George Takei who played Sulu.

“I had never really got to know him. He would come in every so often during the week while we were shooting Star Trek. I was busy learning lines and dealing with my life, so I really can’t remember a meaningful conversation—I’m sure that would be my fault… my lack of attention.”

“Nevertheless, when we all wrapped that last day of shooting it was all meaningful for all of us—Star Trek was cancelled. Until this moment in his apartment we had not spoken. Not so long after that very friendly time he began to say very mean things about me. Why?”

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This come as no surprise to some. George Takei, and some of the other junior cast members from the original Star Trek, has been very vocal over the years about his dislike of Shatner. He and the rest of the show’s co-stars felt that William Shatner mistreated them and acted like they were just not important.

Shatner has said in his own defense that they simply do not wish to accept the fact that he and Leonard Nimoy were the stars and that they were just the supporting cast. As such, William Shatner feels that he was entitled to be treated differently on the set of both the TV show and the movies.

Each William Shatner note is being offered for an opening bid of $1, 500.


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