Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

Sheldon Adelson Drops $25 Million In Last Minute Support of Trump Campaign

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Sheldon Adelson has put his money where his mouth is once again, dumping $25 million on the Donald Trump Campaign for the final week of the election. But he is still coming up far short of the $100 million that Adelson’s spent last time in an effort to unseat President Obama.

Fox News reports that the money is going to an anti-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Future 45, which was started by the Ricketts family of Chicago. Of course it is. No money from super rich donors goes directly to the candidates any more. Rich people all take advantage of the huge loophole afforded by the infamous “Citizens United” Supreme Court case.

That decision allows for unlimited spending in support of political candidates provided that there is no direct connection between the official campaigns and the people spending the money. Hence all of those super pacs.

Sheldon Adelson has probably decided to make the last minute donation to Donald Trump because of the “October Surprise” which has upended this election. Hillary Clinton was seemingly running away with it until a new investigation into her e mails was revealed by the FBI.

Fox News also hinted that the Casino Magnate may donate another $25 million before the election is held one week from today. It is no surprise that Sheldon Adelson is supporting a Republican candidate for President. He has always supported Republicans, wants his personal taxes cut, and believes that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are terrible for Israel.

But he has been visibly reluctant to pump money into Donald Trump’s campaign. In part because he has seen Trump as not having any chance to win and does not wish to waste his money on a losing horse. So this may be why he waited until this sudden shift in the polls to make this donation.

Adelson, however, is a very shrewd businessman. He may have been waiting for just the right time to make this move all along.

Donald Trump responded to the news of the donation by telling a group of supporters at a rally at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian resort and casino in Las Vegas on Sunday, “I’d like to thank the owner of this great hotel, and his incredible wife – she’s an incredible woman – Sheldon Adelson. “Really incredible people and they’ve been so supportive and we appreciate it.”

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