Published On: Sat, Oct 29th, 2016

Chelsea Handler To Bill Maher On Ivanka Trump: Denounce Your Father

"... if she were to do that, she would be an American hero…"

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler appeared on Bill Maher’s show “Real Time” and called on Ivanka Trump to denounce her father for all of the horrible things which he has done against women.

So two Jewish born comics engaged in wishful thinking about a women who converted to Judaism. The real question for Handler and Maher was whether or not Ivanka Trump could put loyalty to her father aside and come out and come out on the side of her gender.

Chelsea posted this picture of herself with actress Frances Fisher before backstage before her appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Twitter:

So what exactly did Chelsea Handler tell Bill Maher? Well she said that if |Ivanka Trump actually did come out and denounce her father Donald for his past actions then Ivanka would be a true “American hero.”

“If she were to come forward — and I know this is a fantasy — but if she were to come forward now, after everything her father has said and done about women, that’s been recorded, that’s been proven time and time again, which she consistently denies, if she were to do that, she would be an American hero. My dad, he’s sexually inappropriate and disgusting, and you better bet your ass that if he tried to run for office, I would fucking stop him.”

It is certainly understandable that little Ivanka wants to support daddy Trump as he runs for President. Not just out of familial loyalty, but also because she will probably have a prominent role to play at the White House House Should Donald Trump actually win.

But Ivanka Trump you are also a woman and so Bill Maher and Chelsea Handler have a point. Even if you are just waiting until after the election to do so, you must say something sometime in condemnation of your father’s misogyny. Come on little Ivanka, you know that your daddy is a sicko. Why else do the vast majority of American women oppose his candidacy.

Chelsea Handler has also been using social media to promote her Netflix talk show where she has been interviewing stars like Ron Howard.

This week on @chelseashow #netflix 3 new episodes and my favorite episode yet with @theshando

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