Published On: Sun, Oct 23rd, 2016

Jill Stein Hits Back at John Oliver



Presidential candidate Jill Stein is not happy with how she was portrayed by comic John Oliver on his HBO show last week. It should be remembered that Stein, the Green Party candidate, has about a zero percent chance of winning a single state, elector, or of even getting as much as 2% of the nationwide vote, so don’t expect America’s first Jewish president this time.


John Oliver is truly funny and witty and his HBO show, “This Week Tonight with John Oliver, ” is one of the few places on television these days where viewers can get an informed critique of what is really going on in America, and this from a British man.

On his last show Oliver went after the so called alternatives out there to either Trump or Clinton, specifically Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. But so far Stein is the only one to respond.

We certainly cannot do justice to John Oliver’s epic take down of the crackpots out there like Jill Stein. So why don’t you just watch the full video of it below and judge for yourselves.


This is how an official statement from the Stein campaign about the Oliver show began:

“We were pleasantly surprised when John Oliver’s research team reached out to us regarding several statements that have been frequently taken out of context to ask if we felt they were missing any context, which we promptly provided. It was beyond disappointing to see that our responses were completely ignored. The same tired, misleading attack lines were trotted out, and Oliver chose to misrepresent our campaign on the lone substantive issue that he addressed: our plan to cancel student debt.”

This certainly sounds like sour grapes or is it sore loser syndrome?

Get a clue Jill Stein. You are not a viable alternative to the major parties but a crazed fringe candidate.

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