Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates Her New HBO Show Divorce


Sarah Jessica Parker celebrated the premiere of her new television series called “Divorce” in Manhattan last night. The show marks Parker’s return to the network which made her a household name, HBO, where she starred for six seasons on “Sex and the City.”



The 50 year old Sarah Jessica Parker attended the event with her husband Mathew Broderick. According to Variety, celebrities who attended the premiere included Cynthia Nixon, Mario Cantone, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Cohen, Pauley, Diane Sawyer and Lorraine Bracco.

Divorce’s actual television premiere will be on HBO Sunday night October 9th. It is about a middle aged couple who live in Westchester Counter — a suburb of New York City — who are going through an extended and bitter divorce.

Parker’s new show co-stars Thomas Haden Church, Talia Balsam and Molly Shannon.

Sarah Jessica Parker appeared this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. Parker said of her new character, “I think it’s important that she not be Carrie Bradshaw. I got to play that character for 12 sublime years written by extraordinary writers and telling a very specific story and so…I did find another woman who is equally as compelling, extremely different, complicated. Her life choices have been radically different than Carrie’s and I think it’s a story no less appealing though it’s very different.”

Unfortunately for Sarah Jessica Parker the critics are not celebrating with her. Movie and television review site Rotten Tomatoes has given “Divorce” a measly 57% rating.

Variety states, “Though the central relationship is captivating, ‘Divorce’ makes missteps with its comedy. The subplot with married friends Diane (Molly Shannon) and Nick (Tracy Letts) seems injected into the series to add reliable punchlines, but feels overwrought, a literalization of the frustrations of marriage that seems out of place. And because the show takes place in a wealthy suburban enclave of New York City — Westchester County, since nothing as déclassé as New Jersey would do — “Divorce” carries with it a degree of tiresome upper-middle-class angst about how hard it is to have so many shiny things.

“And with the show’s title being a bit final, it remains to be seen how ‘Divorce’ will find a way to continue its storytelling for multiple seasons, after the paperwork has been filed and the assets have been divided.”

And the San Francisco Chronicle says that, “HBO’s new half-hour comedy, ‘Divorce, ‘ tests the limits of when behavior becomes too obnoxious to be funny or even tolerable. There’s a very fine line between funny annoying and annoying annoying, and ‘Divorce’ crosses it.”

Everyone will of course be comparing “Divorce” to “Sex in the City” and be wondering if Sarah Jessica Parker can do it again.

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