Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Is There an Amy Schumer Virus? Google Searchers Be Warned!

Amy Schumer searches may very well bring viruses and spyware to your computer. So fans of the comedian be warned! Schumer came out at number one on the McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities™ List.

This makes Amy, who was just named the first female comedian to make the Forbes list of top ten earning comedians, both a winner and a loser of sorts this week.

McAfee stated that a search for “Amy Schumer Torrent” results in a “33 percent chance of connecting to a malicious website.”

Everyone does Google searches at least once a day. If not then you must be Amish. Well Amy Schumer is one of the most popular objects of Google searches. As a result, those evil doers who would put malware, spyware and virus on our computers will target all those sites which come up in an Amy Schumer search.

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As England’s Sky News reports, Ms. Schumer tops the list of dangerous people to search on Google along with Justin Bieber. And searches for Will Smith, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus can also lead to having a user’s credit card information and other personal details stolen on line. So be careful out there!

But don’t blame Amy. Of course she is not to blame. We all are. Use better anti-spyware programs and be sure to have an up to date anti-virus protection on your computer.

Gary Davis of Intel Security said that the problem is that so many people, “search and click without considering potential security risks. Cyber criminals know this and take advantage of this behavior by attempting to lead them to unsafe sites loaded with malware. As a result, consumers need to understand what precautions to take to enable safe online experiences.”

McAfee explained that part of the problem lies in all of the people cutting the cord on cable and looking more to live streaming on line in an effort to save money. So celebrities, such as Amy Schumer, are seeing their search traffic increase.

If you are like us and love Amy Schumer then check out the video she posted on Facebook recently of herself at a Met game in New York. Its the one where Amy kisses her boyfriend.

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