ADEX 2016: Aeronautics to showcase its two newest UAS’s – Orbiter 4 and Orbiter 1K

The Orbiter 4 multi-mission STUAS is presented for the first time at ADEX 2016


Aeronautics LTD, an Israel-based defense solution provider, will expose the Orbiter 4 tactical UAS as well as the Orbiter 1K mini loiter UAS, for the first time, at the Azerbaijan international defense exhibition (ADEX) in Baku.

Aeronautics is manufacture of unmanned systems for land, sea and air, integrating surveillance equipment with network information,

The Orbiter 4 STUAS is an advanced multi-mission platform with an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously.

Orbiter 4 exclusive abilities include maximum endurance of more than 24 hours, maximum takeoff weight of 50 KG, maximum flight attitude of 18, 000 feet and an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously.


Aeronautics Orbiter 1K


Alongside the Orbiter 4, Aeronautics will showcase the Orbiter 1K mini loiter UAS together with a special model of its ground control system integrated in a vehicle.
The loitering Orbiter 1K can detect and destroy a moving or a stationary target.

The system can also operate on the base of a given area range: the Orbiter 1K independently scans the area, detects and destroys the target – moving or stationary. In case the target wasn’t detected or in any change of plans, the system’s recovery capability allows it to return to its base camp and land safely using a parachute and an airbag. Launched from a catapult, the Orbiter 1K can fly for 2-3 hours, carrying a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels.

The Orbiter 1K loitering system is compact and easily controlled from a personal GCS. Featuring a highly transportable vehicle-mounted system, small physical footprint for covert operations and advanced avionics, the Orbiter 1K is ideal for defense as well as border security missions.

Aeronautics operates in Azerbaijan in conjunction with the local Ministry of Defense Industry.

According to Amos Mathan, Aeronautics’ CEO: “We see great opportunities in the growing Azerbaijani defense market, and are pleased by the close connection we share with the local Ministry of Defense Industry.”

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