Published On: Tue, Sep 13th, 2016

Five Amazing Medical Breakthroughs To Come Out Of Israel


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Israel is ranked first in the world per capita for medical device patents. Not only do they lead the world in patents per capita, they are also second in Europe for bio-pharma. It is not uncommon to hear of Israeli medical breakthroughs ever so often. Israel’s ability to lead the world in medical breakthroughs and discoveries is often attributed to their unique love for life, their spirit of inquiry, and their strong sense of a higher purpose. Israel has been able to consistently produce world leading medical breakthroughs, devices, and procedures in the midst of what seems to be insurmountable circumstances.


Some of the medical breakthroughs that have come out of Israel range from sophisticated and futuristic to cleverly simple. Some of these breakthroughs are already on the market as staples in the medical field, and others are on the way there. We look at some of these medical breakthroughs below – what they are, and how they are used.

  1. Biowelds1 – IonMed’s Biowelds1 is a device used to improve how surgical incisions are treated or closed after surgery. This unique device bonds the medical incisions using cold plasma as opposed to glue, stitches, or staples.
  1. NanoPass Technologies’ MicronJet is a unique, single-use needle that uses semiconductor technology to deliver vaccines, painlessly, by way of the skin. MicronJet is FDA approved and has been proven to use less vaccine while generating a superior immune response to the same.
  1. VitalGo Systems’ Total Lift Bed is perhaps the world’s best hospital bed. The Total Lift Bed is designed to elevate a patient through a range of positions ranging from lying position to fully standing without requiring caregivers and/or medical professionals to do any heavy lifting.
  1. Robotic exoskeleton Rewalk from Argo Medical Technologies has increased in popularity in recent years . The device is designed to increase comfortable mobility in paraplegic, thereby increasing their self-reliance and independence. Rewalk has been famously featured in the hit TV show Glee and has been used to help paraplegic runners in Tel Aviv and London successfully complete marathons.
  1. Currently, in the market more than 4 years with a product that have a CE mark and being sold all over Europe ApiFix is a unique system designed to correct scoliosis (severe curvature of the spine). While there have been scoliosis treatments prior to this breakthrough, the ApiFix system is unique as it reduces recovery time and cost, risks, complications, and scar size while effectively treating scoliosis.


The above medical devices are but a few of the many devices that Israel has pioneered where medicine is concerned. Of course, there is lots more where these came from as Israel continues to nurture an ecosystem built to support its flourishing medical and other scientific research and innovation efforts. Israel is, after all, home to one of the largest capital ventures fund in the world (the Israel Health Care Ventures designed to support research and innovation efforts), as well as over 1000 life-science products and health care companies.

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