Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

Which Countries Have The Most Psychiatrists Per Capita?

Perhaps proof that money can’t buy happiness, Monaco is the highest rate worldwide.


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Monaco is renowned as a sun-soaked playground for the world’s super-rich but data from the World Health Organization reveals that the tiny nation is also a principality of psychiatry. Perhaps proof that money can’t buy happiness, Monaco has 41 psychiatrists per 100, 000 inhabitants, the highest rate worldwide. Norway, another country known for its wealth, comes second with 29.7 shrinks per 100, 000 of its population.

The United States is further down the scale with 12.4 psychiatrists per 100, 000 people, trailing austerity-ravaged Greece’s figure of 14.1. Psychiatrists are a much rarer species in the developing world and India is a prime example. A person requiring psychiatric care would be hard pressed to find a couch and a willing expert to talk to in India where the rate per 100, 000 people is only 0.3. Does the massive fluctuation in psychiatrists between countries suggest that wealth and problems are indelibly intertwined?


This chart shows the number of psychiatrists per 100, 000 people in 2014 (selected countries).

Infographic: On The Couch: The Most Psychiatrists Per Capita | Statista
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