Meet Kaby Lake, The New Intel Microprocessor, Developed By Israeli Team


INTEL ISRAEL navin-New 7th Gen Intel Core Processor


The new Intel 7th generation core processor known as Kaby Lake, which is up to 19 percent faster than its predecessor was developed at Intel Israel’s development center in Haifa.

The Israeli team redesigned the Core i3, i5 and i7 chips, which now boast a 12 percent increase in speed and performance.

The Kaby Lake chips will improve graphic processing for high-quality video and virtual-reality gaming. Users can also expect a longer-lasting battery, better security features and increase in web browsing speed.

The chip should be in the stores in September for use in laptops, tablets, desktop computers and other products.

Intel VP and general manager Intel Israel Development Centers Ran Senderovitz told Globes: “When we started out on the project, we were only thinking about basic improvements from the previous generation. But we began looking at things differently with a lot of innovation and determination and we achieved major improvements. We are talking about amazing technologies, technologies of 14 nanometers, which is like taking a hair and dividing it by 8, 000.”The Israeli team has done it again and accomplished achievements that we did not see in the Olympics – a year-on-year improvement of above 10%. The product will sell millions of units for billions of dollars.”





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