Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Israeli Family in Trouble Found Ocean of Love in Cyprus

Israeli tourist whose baby fell ill found themselves at the home of a local Cypriot family in a remote area; as soon as it became clear they were from Israel they received prompt assistance for the baby, fruits and drinks: it turns out an Israeli doctor saved Cypriot family's son’s sight after operating pro bono.

Moshe Cohen and friends in Cyrus (Photo Itamar Eichner)

A moving experience happened to an Israeli family who visited Cyprus this summer and faced a problem, finding an ocean of love.

Moshe and Shira Cohen from Ramat Gan were spending their summer holidays with friends in Cyprus. As they were travelling around the island

for the day, they decided to take the two-and-a-half year old son of an Israeli family friend.


The child began to feel sick and started vomiting

“The child got really sick in the car and vomited onto his clothes, the seats, the baby seat and the car floor. We didn’t know what to do because we were on a highway and we couldn’t stop, ” Moshe said. “So, we changed directions and found ourselves in the courtyard of a house. The residents of the house, a man and a woman aged 60, heard car and came out.”

“They asked us where we were from, and we said we came from Israel, ” Moshe continued.

Generally, the response “We’re from Israel” may create a hostile reaction but in this case, the reaction was surprising.

“As soon as we said we were from Israel, the Cypriot couple did everything to help

us, ” said Moshe. “They helped us hold the baby, wash his clothes and wash his seat.”

The warm and friendly welcome didn’t stop there. “Then they invited us under a vine canopy and offered us rose water and fruit.”

“We did not understand why they gave us so much love, ” Moshe continued. “When we’re abroad, we are normally receive hostile looks.”

As the conversation continued, the Israelis began to understand why these Cypriots were so kind to them.
It turns out that several years ago their son had a very serious road accident. Although he was spared his life, he lost his sight.

He needed urgent eye surgery in Limassol Cyprus, but his parents didn’t have enough money to pay the specialist who flew in from Israel to diagnose and operate on him. The doctor generously performed the operation on the child for free – thus gaving him back his sight.
After telling their emotional story, the Cypriot parents invited their son (now aged 30) and introduced him to the Israeli tourists.

Moshe summed up the situation, saying “All this thanks to the benevolence of an Israeli doctor, it is extremely moving.”

The Ambassador of Israel to Cyprus, Yael Ravia Zadok, said, “Over the years, Cypriots have come to Israel for medical treatment and are treated well and become excellent ambassadors of Israel in Cyprus. We have an amazing network of Cypriots who love Israel and view the country with admiration”.

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