Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2016

Novel Gift For the Israeli Family: Home Missile Alert device

The new device warns within a square kilometer where the missile will hit.


The Israel Defence Force’s Home Front Command has just revealed a new development of home siren to augment the current wide area siren system. During a missile attack the new system can warnIsraeli residents directly to a mobile smart phone of an individual missile landing, and call on them to take cover or enter protected area as soon as possible, Globes reported.

The collaboration of IDF between its Home Front Command and Beeper Communications Israel,  has developed a personal warning system which will be an enhancement to existing apps presently available through mobile phone app stores. The new home warning system is expected to be available on the market for sale this fall, but the price is not yet known.

“The national bull-siren system will continue to be the main method for delivering warnings to the public, but the new personal systems will be supplementary components, ” Planning Department Commander Col. Itzik Gai told Globes.

According to Gai the big value of the new device is as an answer to a situation where the windows are closed with the air conditioning working in summer, of heating in winter, thus making it difficult to hear the regular sirens. The new system will improve the chance that families hear the alerts in time to evacuate to their safe rooms.

Israel currently divides the whole country into 264 areas, in which a public siren is activated the moment an attacking missile’s flight path and landing site have been analyzed and assigned to z particular zone.  Like the mobile apps that were already in use during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, the new home warning system will kick in only if a missile threatens a participating user’s particular area, leaving everyone else to continue with their daily routines.

“We’re already thinking about soon being able to deliver an even more focused warning closing in on just a single square kilometer, ” Gai said, adding the signal could also easily be sent to a smart watch.



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