Published On: Sun, Jul 24th, 2016

WATCH: Giant underwater ‘alien city’ discovered in the gulf of California using Google Earth, Report

The Mirror citing a UFO blogger, this underwater "needs exploring"

UFO-Hunters-claim-to-have-spotted-124-KM-alien-city-in-California 1


UFO hunters on ufosightingsdaily claim to have discovered an amazingly larg alien city in the gulf of California using Google Earth.

According to thier blog post, the 76-mile long city (125 km) and 2.4miles wide (4 km), located 45 miles away from the Mexican coast.


UFO-Hunters-claim-to-have-spotted-124-KM-alien-city-in-California 1


A video was uploaded by YouTube user Mexico Geek, starts with a Google Earth view of the planet before zooming into the gulf of California then zum in the alleged base.

Accorrding the Mirror a blogger on the site said: “The chances of this being an intellectually made structure…I put that at 100%.” He also suggested that the Discovery Channel, Natural Geographic or History Channel should fund a trip to the the spot.



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