Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Will Serious Sam be the breakthrough VR game?



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2016 has already enjoyed a huge amount of hype regarding the virtual reality headsets from Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. But as yet we’ve been kept waiting for a truly iconic virtual reality game that’s proven capable of living up to the massive expectations.

And despite the huge potential shown in the realm of horror and casino games, it looks to be a first-person shooter called Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope that will fully show off the amazing possibilities of virtual reality gaming.

The Serious Sam series has been developed by Croteam since 2001, but the announcement that it would be receiving a VR update for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has already taken the tech world by storm.

A recently released trailer shows how the game is able to create a stunningly rendered virtual world that you inhabit as you blast a never-ending series of alien marauders with some serious firepower.

One interesting part of the game’s appeal is the way that it manages to overcome issues of VR-induced motion sickness by placing the protagonist in a fixed position and having the enemy come towards them.

This shows how future virtual reality successes could use a different gaming model than the standard running-and-shooting video game. And as such the future of online gaming may be glimpsed at Lucky Nugget Casino’s blog which shows how virtual reality could be yet another key development in the fascinating renaissance of these traditional casino games.

It’s the horror genre that is showing just how far-reaching virtual reality gaming could become. Glimpses of future VR horror titles like Resident Evil 7 have led to many developers calling for an element of caution to be used in jump scenes as they have the apparent potential to be ‘too scary’.

And as virtual reality is still in its early stages, there’s been controversy amongst gamers about how releases will feature on different gaming platforms. Already the fact that Oculus Rift have tried to buy up a series of exclusives including Serious Sam and Edge of Nowhere shows just how competitive the virtual reality gaming market is becoming.

But it won’t be until autumn that we’ll really get to see just how big virtual reality gaming will become as it’s on 13 October that gamers will get the chance to try out the PlayStation VR. And although there’s no casino games amongst their 50 planned titles, it’ll certainly prove to be a watershed moment for VR gaming culture.


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