Pokémania has hit Israel and people here are seeking out the elusive virtual creatures throughout the country. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers are also in the game of catching these funny monsters and are using social media to show off their Pokémon combat power.

The Israeli Navy posted on Facebook a photo of a soldier catching a rare Pokémon on a vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. The caption reads: “There are Pokémons only we can catch.”


On a Facebook page called IDF Tweets, there are also photos and videos of soldiers in “action” as they track and catch the Nintendo creatures. In the video below, a soldier jumps excitedly upon capturing a Pikachu.

One soldier uploaded a photo of his army ranks with the caption, “Pokémon Non-Commissioned Officer – Pokémon hunter #1.”



And even Home Front Command got in on the action of Pokémon Go, calling on Israelis to photograph and upload any Pokémons found in their bomb shelters.