It took only 90 minutes for Israeli-founded LifeBEAM to reach its Kickstarter funding goal of $100, 000 towards commercializing Vi, a first-of-its-kind augmented reality (AI) personal trainer.

Now, with more than a month left to the campaign, the total raised is nearing $500k.

What’s all the buzz about? Vi technology resides in cutting-edge Harman/Kardon earphones and provides real-time coaching based on the user’s own physiology.

Vi contains aerospace-grade biosensors to measure heart rate, heart rate variability, motion, elevation and other parameters; hi-fi sound quality; an ergonomic design; and the ability to learn and grow with each user.

The pre-order price is $199; Vi (pronounced “vee”) eventually will sell for about $249.


VI LifeBEAM introduces the future of wearable exercise tech