Published On: Sun, Apr 24th, 2016

Nazi gold hunter says he has found missing 300-year-old Amber room worth more than $504.1 million

Experts say the precious remains if found, can now be worth more than $504.1 million.

Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo). Catherine Palace (destroyed in World War II): interior,   Amber Room


A Polish historian Bartlomiej Plebanczyk claims he found the location of an underground lost Amber Room, a treasure assumed lost after Nazis stole it during World War II.

The 300-year-old Amber room, which was stripped from the Russian Catherine palace in 1941, disappeared more than 70 years ago with several witnesses claiming they saw it being loaded into a German ship,  according to Express.

Plebanczyck, the head curator at Namerki Museum, was scanning Poland’s Nazi bunkers with ground penetrating radar, and said he “almost certain” he has located the long-lost chamber in a hidden underground room, he told local media.

Located near St Petersburg, the historian will now reportedly wait for approval from authorities to drill into it and lower a videocamera to inspect its contents.


300-year-old Amber room - NAZI GOLD Bernsteinzimmer01 - WIKIPEDIA


Plebanczyck hidden room – measuring two metres by three metres – has never previously been recorded in any study of the warren of bunkers in the Mazrian Lake District, which contains one of the best-preserved complex of undamaged Nazi bunkers and barracks, Express reports

The Amber Room, is an 18th century gift to the tsar and believed to be eighth wonder of the world. Its walls coverings of pure amber, gold and precious gems.

Experts say the precious remains if found, can now be worth more than $504.1 million.

Plebanczyk, however, claims it still exists after he was tipped off by locals who claimed to have seen German trucks delivering heavy cases to the bunker at the war’s end.

“If it’s not the Amber Room, then maybe its some other treasure, ” said deputy mayor Andrzej Lachowicz, according to the Telegraph.




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