Published On: Wed, Mar 23rd, 2016

Lyft To Uber: The Race Is On

Lyft has been eating Uber’s dust for years. Can a series of smart partnerships steer the "nice" ride-sharing startup into its own lane?

L-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick / Lyft cofounders (L-R) Logan Green and John Zimmer


Long before there was Uber, 21-year-old Logan Green traveled to Zimbabwe. There, he encountered impromptu fleets of vans that shuttled people around Harare’s chaotic streets. Inspired, he returned to the United States and launched a company called Zimride in 2007. It used Facebook to connect riders and drivers for long-distance trips.

John Zimmer had nothing to do with the launch of Zimride, despite the fact that it echoes his name, but when he heard about it, it resonated. Zimmer had become obsessed with the idea of ride sharing in 2006 after hearing one of his professors at Cornell give a lecture on green cities. Can you imagine, Zimmer asked a schoolmate over beers, “this future where these pods would come to your doorstep, and they’d get people around, and you wouldn’t have to drive?”

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