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Electronic Gadgets in High Demand in 2016

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There are some exciting technological developments coming this year. January’s CES conference revealed plenty of the hot new gadgets to be launched, with many already on the market and selling well. Others are hotly anticipated and coming very soon. We take a look at some of the top new electronic gadgets as reviewed by trusted tech publications, and find out why you need these products in your life this year.

From smartphone technology to console gaming, the consumer electronic market continues to grow. Experts at found that an estimated £16 billion was spent on gadgets during 2015, and financial experts are certain this will rise in 2016. 29.58 million of us now have internet access according to research by Statista, and we are making greater use of internet-enabled devices as a result.


Wearable technology: the smart watch revolution

Smart watches are the signature piece in the wearable technology family. Designed to carry out a range of functions including fitness management, scheduling and making payments, these watches are in high demand. Market leaders Apple started the trend with their flagship Apple Watch, currently retailing at around £299. Hot on its heels is the FitBit range, which is better for your pocket at around £79.99 but which does not offer the same broad range of features. If you use your watch for exercise only, the FitBit offers all the features you will need. The Apple Watch offers extras that will suit executives, those who like to travel light and anyone who struggles to keep to a schedule.


4K televisions – Ultra HD hits the market

4K technology is starting to hit the shelves in 2016, with this new generation of televisions already stirring up plenty of demand. Using Ultra HD capabilities, these sensational large screens deliver cinema-quality pictures and outstanding sound too. Consumers who want to experience 4K right away should consider the Panasonic TX-65CZ952, which is hotly tipped by sites such as TechRadar and TrustedReviews as the best of the bunch. Available at £4999, the 3840 x 2160 screen is in the pricier end of the range, but it performs to the quality you would expect. There is a good reason why everybody has been talking about this particular model!


Console wars and crossover play – Microsoft in the spotlight

Video gaming is bigger than ever, with consoles proving popular outside of their traditional market. Industry leaders Sony recently passed 35 million sales of their PS4 console, outselling nearest rivals Xbox by a sizable margin. However, Xbox One has announced a 93% rise in online play hours from their users – largely due to their focus on crossover play. Online players can already access Xbox content through Windows 10 devices, and now Steam may be joining the game. A big rise in Xbox sales is expected through 2016 as a result of the changes, and the console is in high demand.


Samsung S7 and the wait for a new iPhone

A new generation of smartphones is making waves among consumers in 2016. Ofcom found that two thirds of UK residents own a smartphone, and with their short lifespan and heavy use they are frequently replaced or upgraded. As a result, smartphones accounted for 51% of the UK’s online retail sales last year. This year’s top mobile devices are the currently released Samsung Galaxy S7, and it’s close rival the iPhone 7 which is expected later in 2016. Potentially the top-selling gadget of 2016, the iPhone 7 has been anticipated by consumers for months and was expected to smash sales records. However, the delay could see the Samsung phone become mobile users’ device of choice.


Virtual reality in the spotlight with Oculus and Samsung Gear

Virtual reality and augmented reality allow device users to experience full 3D adventures and witness 360 graphics. From gaming to videos, the technology is capable of transforming how we use electronic devices. Once thought of as the stuff of science fiction, VR technology is now available today, from just a few pounds! Google Cardboard is the budget VR device which transforms your mobile into a visor for viewing 3D graphics, and its rival the Samsung Gear is a slightly more expensive version that is proving very popular with fans.

Those looking to splash out on the full immersive VR experience should check out Oculus Rift, which could be a contender for Product of the Year. This gaming headset has been bought by Facebook and is tipped to bring virtual reality to social media, video and beyond. It is not out of the range of most consumer’s budgets either, at just £499 for some models.

Whether you want to keep costs down or are looking to splash out, 2016 has some amazing electronic devices to watch out for. Make sure you keep up to date with what’s new, and don’t miss out on the year’s best gadgets!


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