Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2016

Facebook ‘Reactions’ Launches For All Users [Video]


Facebook “Reactions” are now live for all. Users of the social media finally have a way to acknowledge posts (without actually responding) beyond merely clicking the “Like” button.

For a long time now, Facebook users have been complaining that the “Like” option didn’t really express their reaction to certain posts, despite the fact that they wanted to somehow let the poster know they’d seen what was being shared.

Now, CNN Money reports, Facebook “Reactions” will let users choose from “Love, ” “Wow, ” “Haha, ” “Sad, ” “Angry, ” in addition to the traditional “Like” when responding to their friends’ posts.

As of February 24, all Facebook users will now have the option to use any one of the new reactions, in addition to “liking, ” sharing or commenting on a post.

The new “Reactions” are easy to use. If you use Facebook mobile on your phone, just hold down the “Like” button and the new options will pop up for you to choose from. If you are using Facebook on your computer, just hover your cursor over the “Like” button, and the rest of the Facebook “Reactions” will appear.



It took Facebook more than a year to get the new “Reactions” ready for launch. They also researched the emojis and stickers being used on Facebook to help them decide which “Reactions” would be the most popular and most useful for their users.

one “Reaction” that users won’t be able to choose from is “Dislike.” While Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, hinted in September that a “Dislike” option might be coming to the platform, that idea was ultimately scrapped.

Why? During a town Hall Q&A, Zuckerberg said that adding a “Dislike” option had the potential of turning the world’s biggest social media site into a place where posts were being “voted up or down, ” something he wanted to avoid.




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