Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Italians Spend The Most Time In Front Of The Mirror

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GfK conducted a global survey to find out how much time people in different countries spend on personal grooming. They found that women spend an average of nearly five hours a week on bathing, shaving, dressing, hair and make-up compared to just over three hours for men.

The majority of people stated that they make all that effort in order to feel good about themselves. The second major reason is to make a good impression on people they meet for the first time. Italians tend to spend the most time in front of the mirror, according to GfK, averaging 5.6 hours in total. Italian men spend 5.0 hours on personal grooming compared to 6.2 hours for women. In Britain, men and women spend less time focusing on their personal appearance – 3.7 and 5.4 hours respectively.


Statistics and facts on Women in the U.S.

Over the last few years, the number of residents in the United States has been increasing steadily, with women continually having a slight majority over men. The number of employed women in the States has also shown a general upwards trend as well, in full-time as well as in part-time employment. Additionally, the Western world is largely in agreement about the quality of the sexes and equal rights for women.

However, equality for women has not yet been achieved completely. In 2010, the share of women in decision-making bodies and on managing boards worldwide was at between 6 and 16 percent. As for politics, the United States does not even make it into the top ten when it comes to female representatives in national government.

In 2013, the gender pay gap in the United States – defining the difference between wages for men and women doing the same job – was still very noticeable, with women earning less than men, regardless of whether or not they worked in male dominated occupations; the gender pay gap is clear in statistics on the most common occupations for men, as well as in statistics on the most common occupations for women. Globally speaking, the United States ranks quite highly on the Gender Gap Index, but still numerous countries across the world scored higher.


Infographic: Italians Spend The Most Time In Front Of The Mirror | Statista

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