Israel Aerospace exhibits new drone control center

IAI has unveiled its UAV Mission Operational and Intelligence Center (MOIC).


Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) has exhibited its new UAV Mission Operational and Intelligence Center (MOIC) for the first time at the Singapore Airshow. The new center allows efficient command and control of advanced and challenging UAV missions. Instead of using separate platforms for each UAV, the MOIC uses numerous platforms and payloads in order to enable improved real-time operation of a fleet of UAVs.

MOIC’s modular layout is based on mission operation cells including upper commander cell, exploitation center, C2 cell, full trainer SATCOM facility, support facility, and data storage center. The all-inclusive headquarter generates an efficient mission flow which includes planning, commanding, controlling and monitoring mission performance, interpreting offline and online payload data, archiving raw and processed information and reporting to high command. This mission flow provides a full operational picture of UAV’s, and maximizes the fleet throughput by allocating assets according to operational priorities, enhances coordination of UAV fleet and manned platforms, improves safety, protects ground assets and saves manpower and resources by centralizing and automatizing operations and maintenance.

IAI says the MOIC system is another step forward in the development of its UAV capabilities. As a pioneer and global leader in the UAV field, with dozens of customers worldwide and over 1.3 million flight hours, IAI is continuously striving to upgrade its systems and to generate creative, leading solutions that address the needs of its customers.

IAI president and CEO Joseph Weiss said, “This unique solution addresses the needs of the advanced battlefield and adheres to customer requirements; it takes IAI’s capabilities in the field of UAVs a substantial step forward.

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