Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

IDF Prepares for Gaza Tunnel War in Next Conflict

UN-Moon-Israel-Gaza-Terrorist-Tunnel-Ban Ki-moon walks through a Hamas terror tunnel from Gaza to Israel.-October 2014- Photo Credit Haim Zach  GPO


The IDF is preparing its soldiers to contend with terrorists in the next conflict who suddenly pop out from tunnels — anywhere.

Gaza’s Hamas terrorist organization has nearly completed its tunnel network, despite work accidents and “acts of Allah” that cannot be prevented, such as this week’s rain pouring down from the skies, which buries both diggers and the tunnels they dug.

Heavy rains are continuing to pour down on to Israel, a blessing to the land and to the security of the Jews living in the Land as well. The soft sands in Gaza are easy for diggers to tunnel through, although they become a digger’s grave when the tunnels collapse from the weight of the water-logged mud in the rain. Still, Hamas forces its diggers to continue, using stolen concrete to shore up the walls of the tunnels against the damp,  while callously leaving its people without homes.

The rebuilt Hamas tunnel infrastructure beneath Gaza is rapidly regrowing itself and possibly extending even deeper into Israel than before, security sources say.

Read the full story at The Jewish Press by Hana Levi Julian

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