NGO report: 660, 000 Jewish-Israelis can’t legally marry in Israel


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Prohibitions on civil and non-Orthodox weddings in Israel prevent 660, 000 Jewish-Israelis — including 364, 000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union — from marrying in the Jewish state, according to a nonprofit promoting religious freedom in Israel.

According to a news release the Hiddush group presented the information Monday,   in a Knesset conference on “alternatives to marriage through the [Chief] Rabbinate.”

It also reported that 20 percent of weddings registered in Israel took place overseas — a way of circumventing the prohibition on non-Orthodox weddings stateside — and that 70 percent of secular Israelis say they would have non-Orthodox wedding ceremonies if the state permitted them.

The nonprofit attributed its statistics to opinion polls and Israel Central Bureau of Statistics data.



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