Published On: Mon, Dec 21st, 2015

The medical value and the benefits of CBD


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Science and Society are approaching nowadays Cannabis in a very different way than from the past. Some years ago cannabis was shown as a hazardous plant responsible for mental issues. Now scientists seem to realize that the benefits that human health could gain from the medical use of Cannabis are far more advantageous than previously thought. 

A study of 2011 proves that CBD does not affect any human psychological and physiological functions. The human nervous system has special receptors for the Cannabinoids that are called Endocannabinoid system. CBD reaches the liver and then gets digested by the body. Some people tend to confuse CBD with the psychoactive component THC. That is one of the major reasons CBD is not so easy to be demonized like THC: CBD doesn’t make you high. Consequently, CBD was easier to get advertised and reach the market. CBD’s full medicinal potential is still an ongoing process, so we have to wait for the researchers to come up to a conclusion, but here are some of the healing properties.

As the medical marijuana research develops we could expect far more impressive results. There should be no doubt that CBD is the future with a huge potential and that’s why 2, 000 acres, in Colorado only, are planted in order to produce that precious Cannabinoid substance.

Let’s just wait to see how far CBD’s success can go.

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